Welcome fellow air pistol competitors and all those just interested in getting started! As those of you who already compete know, and those who have yet to compete will soon find out, air pistol competition offers some of the most challenging and rewarding time you can spend in any shooting discipline. The inherent accuracy of the modern air pistol is so great that to put 10 pellets in a single hole at 10 meters is considered the standard for quality guns! Yet many of these incredibly precise pistols can be purchased for well under $1000.00 making them a true bargain in the competitive shooting world. Add to this the fact that first class ammo in the form of lead pellets cost about penny or so per shot, and you have a winning combination - some of the most accurate guns in the world are also the least expensive to own and enjoy!

What I hope to bring to you here at the Air Pistol Home Page (APHP) is an offering of information and events, results and interviews dedicated to the 10 meter competition aspect of air pistol shooting. I have seen many fine pages devoted to other types of air guns, but found a virtual black hole when it came to 10m pistol competition. With your help, I plan to change that. This is, as the title implies, a forum for the viewer of this page as much as it is a resource so let yourself be heard and seen!

Here is what you can find inside . . .

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