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Grip Mod Materials

Posted by Tom Peretti on February 07, 2000 at 10:16:55:
hello all,
I don't know what to use to build up my pistol grip. Any suggestions? I've read the articles by Don Nygord and understand the basics of it, but he never mentions what to use!
Thanks for your reply,

Posted by Don Nygord on February 07, 2000 at 12:08:46:
Sorry I left out a list of build-up materials. Probably the best is good old "Bondo" which is cheap, light, fast to apply, easy to work, etc. It can be found in various size cans at any auto parts store. Many hardware stores will have similar materials in their wood finishing departments but in small cans at much higher prices. However, some of these come in wood tints. Avoid the "plastic wood" type of material that uses acetone as a carrier. It is slow to dry, cracks, and generally is harder to work. Morini makes a "grips paste" that is dark walnut in color and works well, but a tiny can is $15 or more. Years ago we used "A+B" epoxy putty and I still keep some around if a small area that must be high strength is involved, but it is very dense (heavy) and is murder on tools. There are other materials out there, I'm sure, but try "Bondo" - it should do most of your jobs very well. The one draw back is that it doesn't take stain well. You will have to paint it if looks are important. On the other hand, the shooter that shows up with an elegantly shaped grip with unadorned patches of "Bondo" will strike fear in the hearts of his opponents!
Don N.

Posted by Jef on February 07, 2000 at 13:46:27:
I have used a bondo type filler called "Feather Fill" which is very light and has some flexibility when setup. It carves easily also. There is also a very nice two part epoxie putty I found in Ace hardware that is already proportioned and comes as a stick that looks like dog dokie. It is very easy to work with carves well and sets in 6 min. Great for massive buildups in short time and really looks the intimidation part. It holds stippling well too. Best of all you can use what is left to mess with your favorite pet owner's head. Nothing like fake dokie to reek great havoc with some poor (and disliked) unsuspecting mutt.

Posted by geo. anderson on February 07, 2000 at 14:59:57:
Hardware stores (& Home Depot) sell an ugly gray plumber's epoxy putty stick for about two bucks.
It has a green core; you just cut off a piece and knead it until the green is gone. Sticks fairly well and sets in about ten minutes.
While it is setting it is easy to cut or scrape to roughly what you want, then sand or file when it is hard. It has a fair amount of soft filler in it (epoxy resin is expensive) that makes it fairly easy to work.

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