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Precision air-gunning is becoming more and more popular with shooters as some startlingly little-known facts are becoming clearer.  First, it’s fun.  It’s also the best practice you can get — air guns are extremely accurate and give much more feedback to the shooter to develop the skills required for great marksmanship.  It’s convenient and there’s no need to drive any distance to your local range.  And it’s a year-round activity — unlike most shooting sports it doesn’t matter if there’s snow piled up outside.

So helpful folk that we are here at Pilkington Competition, we have put this page together to help you with everything you need to develop your own personal range — target traps, carrier systems, targets, and pellets.  If you have any further questions or need additional information about carriers or other equipment, please contact us.

What you need for a Home Range:

  1. At least 36 feet in distance.
  2. Somewhere to hang a target trap.
  3. Peace and quiet is preferable.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, a SAFE environment for your family and pets.

Ideally,a range should be in a garage or basement and NOT where there is likely to be unsuspecting traffic.

Remember, the 36 feet starts just in front of your foot and ends at the target face. The target centre should be as close to 55 inches in height as practical.  It’s also nice to have a bench on which to rest your gun and gear (between shots that is), and if you don’t intend to install a target returning system, you might prefer to have a spotting scope on the line.


This is a basic target trap that can be hung on the wall either as a semi-permanent fixture or taken down between training sessions. Thanks to the sprung backing plate, pellets will not leave the trap. Trap is designed to take the standard size Edelmann target, so if you are breaking in a new shooter be sure that the area immediately surrounding the trap is safe for wayward pellets.

Gehmann Rifle Target Trap, suits 10x10cm targets. 

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Gehmann Pistol Target Trap, suits 17x17cm targets.

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