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The Daisy Valiant came in a number of variations at the time it was imported.  The fist batches of guns came with a free-floating fore-end that was easily broken from the single screw holding it just forward of the trigger guard.  This ‘flopping’ fore-end was also a source of shot variation due to the ever changing sling tension applied by the shooter.  Pilkington Competition, along with Ernest Shooting Products, has come up with an all-metal mount to add to these early fore-ends to make them function like the later model guns that had a plastic barrel mount.

The Earnest mount we use is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a rubber absorber to prevent any metal-to-metal contact.  These mount kits are available for purchase direct from ESP for $25, or they can be purchased as an installed item on YOUR fore-ends for $65.  You just remove your fore-end, send it to us, we will cut, modify, and install the barrel mount and send it back to you for you to re-install on your rifle.

We can rebuild everything in your rifle for $120, plus return shipping.

For those who have later-model guns with the plastic front sight mount that tends to break frequently, we have a solution for that, too!  Ernest Shooting Products make an aluminum front sight mount that won’t strip or break the threads like the plastic ones.  They are easily replaced yourself and are $22 each.


For full details of ordering and costs, please call us at 931.924.3400.