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On this page you can see photos of some of Scott’s engraving work



A custom-made banjo by Jim Grainger. 





Top view of the banjo.








Scott Sawby knife with Pearl Harbor theme.






A fine set of gentleman’s pocket knives with tortoiseshell inlays and diamond thumb stud.








I reproduced a Parker Invincible pattern on a shotgun for a guy. He liked it so much he had it done to a couple of his handguns.

Scott Sawbey folder with trout fishing scenes.






The engraving on the bolster of this pocket knife is approximately the size of a                  postage stamp.






Martin Edmonson and Scott at the shop of Senor Jose Draga, one of the world’s greatest silversmiths.





A little project I did for … you guessed it, a Disney fan!







This knife was done for Chuck Yeager commemorating his sound breaking ways. The bolster material is meteorite.







A fantasy engraving piece. The inlay material is dinosaur bone.





My first magazine cover September 1985.








An old Remington shotgun I did for a former US Team member.






Family portraits done to order. This one on a Dakota bolt action rifle floor plate.