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This section is dedicated to those shooters who want to improve their standard of shooting. I don’t profess to know all the answers, neither do I claim to be anything of a coach. I have shot competitively for twenty five years, during which I have made many repetitive mistakes until I quite frankly became tired of shooting badly and began to perform with some respectability at international level. I hope some of these articles will be thought provoking and save you some of the agony of learning the hard way.

-Warren Potter (Originally from New Zealand, in Tennessee 2000-2006, now in Oregon).

The Importance of a Match Plan

Training for 10 Meter Air Pistol – A Basic Introduction*

Dry Fire Training*

Sight Watching

Controlling the Trigger

Positively Phabulous

Follow Through

Making the Most of Electronic Trainers Part 1

Making the Most of Electronic Trainers Part 2

How To Make Your New Pistol User-Friendly

The Young Persons Guide to ISSF Rapid Fire


A Guide to ISSF 25m Standard Pistol

Do You Need a Coach?

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to your First Shooting Session

Can Shooting Glasses Make Your Life Easier?

The Subconscious Shot

The Delicate Art of ISSF Free Pistol

*Originally aired on potfire.com.au