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UPDATE January 18, 2012:

These pictures are taken of production MAR 177 that we just received for evaluation right before we left for SHOT show.  We will be filling text and more pictures as soon as we get back on  January 21rst.




historical information of the MAR 177:

Update December 29, 2011. Crosman Airgun Corporation of Rochester, New York bought the rights from me to produce this last year. After a number of setbacks for various reasons, Crosman is finally in production with the renamed MAR 177 standing for Modular Air Rifle. Their version is a flattop, with a picatinny rail for the front sight and the rear carry handle/sight assembly. It also includes a 10 shot magazine, or can be singly loaded. Many competitors saw and tested one of these prototypes during Camp Perry Service Rifle National Championships in August. Precision Shooting magazine did a small write up about this you can read in the two pdf files. Here are links to the pdf pages 32 33 of Precision Shooting's December 2011 issue.

The pictures below are from Crosman of the production version of the MAR 177. I expect to have these available for sale by late January 2012. All the data below these two pictures is srticly shown for historical record of the orginal upper I developed and may or may not reflect the current MAR 177 features.

BF-17 National Match Air Rifle

We all know that to get Distinguished takes quality repetition. It takes developing muscle memory from you hands, arms, shoulders and yes your trigger finger. It takes visualizing a sight picture that is accurate to the gun you are holding. The best way to do this of course is being able to practice with live rounds at least every other day. But since most of us not on a military marksmanship team with unlimited rounds and daily training time at the 200 yard line, we have to make the most of every minute when we do get to practice.

We all know that one the best ways to practice in the off season is an air rifle and it certainly develops your skills, but there still numerous fine points of muscle memory and sight acquisition that cannot be the same as your Service Rifle, at least with traditional air rifles. But we decided that we could give you everything your want, the same as your target AR-15 has them already. The exact sight picture and EXACT trigger feel along with the exact feel of your buttstock weighted just the way you like it against your own cheek. How can we do that? Half of the answer is already in your hands, your personal AR-15 lower receiver. The other half is the new BF-17 upper that houses an air rifle action made by Pilkguns. The BF-17 upper uses actual AR-15 components like an A2 upper, front sight mount, charging handle and handguards. It also has National Match ¼ minute rear sights matched to a top quality .177 Lothar Walther barrel to put your shots in the X ring where we know you have the talent to place them.

With the price of match quality .223 ammo hovering around half a dollar a shot you need to train smarter. The time getting to range is even more of a factor for most people. Driving to the range is often a 30 minute drive one way at best. Now you can take that same hour of drive time and be practicing in your basement, or backyard with something that feels the same as your real rifle and costs your pennies, not 50 cent pieces to shoot each round.

This is a picture of a BF-17 air rifle upper with a free float tube installed to allow sling usage.

Close-up of the air rifle upper action.

The BF-17 upper is a .177 air rifle that will fit onto any AR lower and act as a fully functional air rifle. By utilizing your
lower you can practice High Power with your trigger and buttstock set exactly the way you would on the 200 yard line.
Illustrated in this picture is a functional Colt AR-15 lower. Each BF-17 upper will come with a dummy 20 round magazine shell that
will fit into your lower to give the correct feel of an AR-15 as used in competition.

BF-17 uses a Lothar Walther barrel for accuracy combined with the Benjamin Discovery quick-fill system for ease of use.
CO2 fill bottles are available at Walmart and other retailers nationwide.

The BF-17 uses a real AR-15 front sight mount that is modified to allow the Lothar Walther barrel go through where the
gas tube would normally be and the quick fill disconnect where the real AR-15 barrel would be.

Here we see the quick fill system attached to the BF-17 upper.

The BF-17 uses a standard AR-15 upper that is modified to allow the .177 barrel in the gas tube area and CO2 valving in the barrel
chamber area. The AR-15 charging handle has been modified to open and close the bolt on a .177 pellet.

Pellets can be dropped into the trough to self align them as they are pushed into the barrel.

Another view of the action with the charging handle/bolt in the open position.

This shows the BF-17 upper with the included 20 round dummy shell. These can be weighted to give the correct balance to your
individual balance preferences. A standard 20 round mag (loaded) is shown for comparison purposes only.

The BF-17 comes standard with ¼ MOA National Match rear sights so you can dial your shot group in exactly where you want it.
Here you can see a standard issue rear sight on the right with its course elevation threads and the NM sight with the fine threads on the left.



What velocity are you getting from these?

We do have some variation from lower to lower since each lower as its own unique hammer and hammer spring, but the guns themselves are pretty consistent within themselves. So far with the lowers we have sampled, we see them in the 520 fps- 580  fps range. They vary about 10 fps per gun, which is well within accuracy specs.

So what kind of accuracy are they capable of?

We are using Lothar Walther barrels found in many match airguns.  We are seeing the group sizes around 9 mm.  The standard 10 ring on a ISSF Olympic target is 9.5 mm.  The 10 ring on the 200 yard target reduced to a 10 meter scale is 17.9 mm* so we are well within the 10 ring.
* if my  math is right.

Can I put a sling on it and put tension on the sling?

Yes, we are working toward that.  We tried something on the initial guns that frankly didn’t work like we planned.  So we are back to the drawing board and modifying the currently available float tubes, which adds an extra cost in materials and labor to fit them to our application.

Can I get a flattop version?

Yes, we are working on that.  We are making both A4  Service Rifle configured guns and some full Match Rifle with external float tubes.  At the moment, I am thinking we will have four versions, the standard A2, an A2 with a DCM style legal float tube, a M4 flattop with a DCM style float tube, and a flattop with a tube only handguard.  

How about a semi-auto version for rapid fire training?

Yes, we are working on that as well. However, the price will be at least double and I wouldn’t expect to see anything for sale until fall or early winter of 2009

How much do they cost?

Ah well, there is the 24 dollar question. If you have read through my other ramblings, then you know that we are currently re-evaluating everything, and will be offering several different versions.  The cost for a complete set-up is  $1195.  If you wish to put your name down on the production list, we will let you do that for a $250 deposit. Those that have placed orders for specific guns already will not see your prices change. 

Contact us for pricing.


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