RIKA Home Trainer Download

The latest version of the RIKA Home Trainer software is available for trial at no charge. Size of the file is about 1.5mB, and download could take 5-10 minutes.

Download RIKA Home Trainer v. 3.61 DISK 1

Download RIKA Home Trainer v. 3.61 DISK 2

You will have downloaded two separate WinZip folders. When you extract the contents, be sure to extract the complete contents of BOTH folders into ONE of your C Drive folders. Then, when you double click on "Setup.exe" it will be able to find all of its component parts.

Installation instructions are in German, but follow the regular pattern for a Windows based program. When opening the program for the first time by following the instructions below you will be able to convert the operating language to English:
- A registration window will open called "Registrierungformular". Click on the box at bottom right "Abbrechen" to close.
- Click on the "Verwaltung" to open the Administration window.
- In the System folder there is a scroll-down window beside the word "Sprache". Select "English", then hit "OK" at the bottom. You're now operating in English.

Because there is no RIKA hardware attached to your PC you will be unable to "Log On". However, if you select the button with the blue disk graphic you will be able to select one of the demonstration sessions and Load it. This will give you an indication of how the program runs and the statistics generated from a training session.

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