Detail of Feinwerkbau P70

Feinwerkbau P70

Sight Adjustments

Elevation: To move shots down turn towards "H".
Windage: To move shots to the right, turn towards "L".
1 click = 0.4mm @ 10m.

Trigger Adjustments

FWB P70 trigger adjustments

10. First Stage Trigger Weight: Turning the knurled ring (10) to the left will increase the first stage weight.
11. Second Stage Weight (fine adjustment): Turning the knurled ring (11) to the left will reduce second stage trigger weight.
12. Second Stage Trigger Weight (coarse adjustment): The second stage trigger weight can be adjusted into two weight ranges:
Approx 60-150g - screw in adjusting screw (12) until it stops.
Approx 30-90g - unscrew the adjusting screw (12) about 1 turn.
13. Trigger Takeup: Turning screw (13) to the right will increase trigger slack.
14. Sear Engagement: Manual states this has been set at the factory and should not be fooled with.
In order to reproduce factory setting, cock rifle and turn screw (14) clockwise slowly until trigger releases. Then turn anti clockwise 10 minutes (one sixth of a turn). Then recheck trigger.

P70 in sexy red aluminum.


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Factory Manual