Erma ESP 85A

Erma 85A 22LR and 32 S&W Long Conversion

Sight Adjustments

Clockwise down. 1 click = 9mm at 25m.
Clockwise left. 1 click = 5.5mm at 25m.


Trigger Adjustments

Trigger adjustments can only be made when the slide assembly has been removed, except trigger weight. Trigger weight is adjusted from below, through the magazine well.

Trigger Stop
Screw 3.

First Stage Trigger Weight
Trigger slack weight is adjusted with screw 4. Maximum for this stage is 300g. Clcokwise to increase weight.

Trigger Weight
Screw 5. This is set at 1360g at the factory. Clockwise to increase.

Sear Engagement
Screw 6. This is set and sealed at the factory. Manual states it should only be altered by a gunsmith.

Fitting the Conversion Unit

1. Pull slide to the rear with magazine empty. Slide locks open.
2. Remove magazine.
3. Loosen set screw 2.
4. Remove barrel by lifting upward.
5. Remove the slide to the front by releasing the bolt hold-open catch.
6. Assembly is made in reverse order.

Exploded View