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Feinwerkbau AW93



If shots high, turn toward H.

If shots are to the right, turn towards R.

1 click = 7mm @ 25m.

1st Stage Trigger Weight

Vertical screw in rear of trigger guard, clockwise to increase.

1st Stage Trigger Travel

Second vertical screw in front of trigger.

2nd Stage Trigger Weight

Vertical screw immediately behind trigger, clockwise to increase.

Trigger Stop

Vertical screw beneath trigger shoe.


Cock pistol, remove magazine.

Press spring loaded button just forward of sights, from the left. Swing up protective flank - allows slide to swivel upwards.

Press locking bolt in front of trigger guard to remove underbarrel block.

Tilt slide forwards and off pistol.

Cutaway Views

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Operator's Manual
Dry Firing Supplement