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Hammerli International 208/211/214/215

Hammerli 208

Sight Adjustments

Clockwise down.
Clockwise right.
1 click = 10mm @ 25m

Trigger Adjustments - Early Models

Trigger weight adjustment

Trigger Weight

Insert allen key through hole in trigger guard into the trigger adjustment screw.
Turn clockwise to increase trigger weight.

Trigger stop adjustment

Trigger Stop

Strip pistol as described below.
Loosen locking screw, pull down trigger guard and adjust trigger stop screw (as indicated in photo). Clockwise to decrease back-lash.
Manual recommends back-lash should be no more than two to three tenths of a millimetre.

Trigger Adjustments - Late Models

Late 208 trigger adjustments

For 208/211 serial numbered after 40335 or 214/215 after 67589.

Trigger Weight

Turn allen key 1.5mm (#1) clockwise to increase trigger weight.

Second Stage Travel (Sear Engagement)

This has been set at the factory and is not recommended to be adjusted. Turn screw (#2) clockwise to increase travel.

First Stage Weight

Takeup weight can be increased by turning allen key 1.5mm (#3) clockwise.

First Stage Travel

This can be lengthened by turning small screwdriver (#4) clockwise.


Strip 1

Check pistol is unloaded and remove magazine. Leave slide in forward position.
Loosen screw at rear (below rear sight) and remove the complete rear sight assembly by pulling the latter out backwards.

Strip 2

Remove the forward barrel weight by loosening the screw(s) and sliding forward.

Strip 3
Strip 4

Remove the slide thus: Hold the pistol with the right hand, pull the trigger guard fully downwards and push this to the left with the right index finger. Now pull the slide back to the full extent of its travel, lift it up, and let it glide forward so as to leave the barrel freely.
To reassemble, proceed in reverse order.

Hammerli 215

Accuracy testing of a 208 in the Hammerli factory

Exploded View