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Hammerli 208S

Hammerli 208S

Sight Adjustments

Elevation: Clockwise down.
Windage: Clockwise right.
1 click = 10mm @ 25m.

Trigger Adjustments

Hammerli 208S Trigger Adjustments

1. Trigger Weight: Increase by turning allen key 1.5mm.
2. Travel: Can be increased by turning clockwise with the combitool, blade #2.
3. Takeup Weight: To access this loosen locking screw on trigger shoe and slide forward. Turn clockwise with allen key 0.9mm to increase.
4. Sear Engagement: Coupling creep between trigger bar and sear can be reduced by turning clockwise with allen key 1.5mm. It is essential that a clearly discernible creep be maintained.


Remove magazine and check pistol is unloaded.
Let slide forward.
Loosen screw under rear sight and remove the entire rear sight housing.
208S Strip #1
Remove barrel weight by loosening set screw. 208S Strip #2
Remove the slide thus: Hold the pistol with the right hand, pull the trigger guard fully downwards, and push this to the left with the right index finger.208S Strip #3
Now pull the slide back to the full extent of its travel, lift it up, and let it glide forward so as to leave the barrel freely.208S Strip #4

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