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Hammerli 150

Hammerli 150

Sight Adjustments

Clockwise down.

Clockwise right.

1 click = 10mm @ 50m.

Hammerli 150 trigger adjustments

Trigger Weight

First horizontal screw below trigger guard (40440), clockwise to increase. Standard spring gives 70 gram maximum. To increase further replace with a heavier spring.

Further adjustments require removal of grips.

Trigger Stop

Second screw behind trigger weight screw (40412/3).

Sear Engagement

Small screw below trigger weight screw (40412/2). Clockwise increases engagement. Go only 1/12 of a turn at a time.

Fine Adjustment of Trigger Stop

Vertical screw at rear of trigger guard (40436/2).

Factory Notes on 150 Triggers

Trigger Type 1

Serial Numbers 15-0001 to 15-1980. Made 1973-1976. First type of set trigger. Adjustments below 10-15 grams may be difficult. Trigger often badly adjusted by shooters.

Trigger Type 2

Serial Numbers 15-1981 to 15-2780. Made 1976-1978. Second type of set trigger, with miniature ball bearings. If properly adjusted satisfactory. Quite delicate and easily damaged by careless or heavy handed treatment.

Trigger Type 3

Serial Numbers 15-2781 to 15-3144. 1978-1980. Third type of set trigger with considerable design changes. Trigger-sear with lever-multiplication of 1:10. Easy to adjust to very light trigger pull weight. Sear engagement is considerably larger than on earlier versions, therefore adjustment is not as delicate if properly following the instruction manual. Short lock time.

Serial Numbers 15-3145 and up. 1980 and on. Identical design to the last version but minor changes to frame of trigger.

Some pistols were later modified to the Type 3 Trigger at the factory. The shorter lock time (4mm instead of 8mm firing pin travel) was an added advantage.