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Hammerli Single

Hammerli Single

CO2 Single Shot 177 Air Pistol


Clockwise right.
Clockwise down.
Two clicks per scoring ring @ 10m.

Trigger Weight

Hammerli Single trigger adjustments

Turn screw A 176-1 - anticlockwise to increase. Should the trigger fail to engage while the pistol is being cocked, turn A 176-1 anticlockwise.

Trigger Slack

Note: Loosen lock nut A 177-2 to adjust.

Turn screw A 177 clockwise to shorten, anticlockwise to lengthen.

Setting the Automatic Gas Release Cap

Auto release cap

This is an option not supplied with all guns.
The cap can be set to release left over gas when pressure drops. It can be regulated thus:
Loosen the knurled lock nut (3). Then set the regulating nut (4). Turning it anticlockwise will provide for late release, clockwise an early release of gas. Then retighten lock nut 3.
This cap will not work if the temperature of the gun or room is below 5 degrees C (41F).