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Steyr Match 91

Steyr Match 91

Sight Adjustments

Elevation: Clockwise down.
Windage: Clockwise left.

Trigger Adjustments

Steyr Match 91 Trigger Adjustments

Trigger Weight: This is set at roughly 80g at the factory. Turn Screw 3 clockwise to increase.
First Stage Travel: Turn Screw 4 clockwise to shorten takeup.
Sear Engagement: Screw 5. No directions given in manual, you're on your own.

Dry fire mechanism

Dry Fire Mechanism

Note: May only be set when gun is cocked.
Seize the knurled ends of the striker lock with thumb and index finger and turn them upward (turn-tilt motion). The gun may then be dry fired. Cock before turning striker lock back downward to resume live firing.

Close up of breech

Removing CO2 Cylinder

Removal of cylinder

The cylinder can be removed with the aid of a 5mm allen wrench.
Steyr Match 91
Cased with accessories On the range

Exploded View